All products are made of precious metals:

🇧🇷 Silver 925 - With roded bath or bath gold

. gold 19 carats

legally certified by INCM - National Press House of Mint.

The pieces OurSins They are certified by INCM contrast that "provide this warranty by verifying the legal touch (precious metal expertage contained in a league) and the application of contrast to the manufacturer's responsibility mark or equivalent" according to INCM on your site.

Brands are only required in weights greater than 2 grams for silver pieces, and 0.5 grams for gold.

You can check all Legal brands here.

If in doubt about the authenticity of the parts, the buyer can resort to the services of the contrasts for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of the material.

Silver quotation and gold here.

Title Activity: P009051

CAE: 47910-R3

Nipc: 513528415