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The story of this ring It is inevitably confused with the history of Our Sins, I wanted to start the year to tell you this story ...

How it all began..

I didn't even dream of the Our Sins When my mother gave me my first ringto the [Called by the traditional Portuguese goldsmith the male].

I remember that she used in the ring and to be strict, I got hers that served me on the indicator. It seemed immediately his place and I used years and years without taking it.

By the way, if I forgot to put him I had to go back because I was missing [Who has you know what I say?]


Many years later, maybe 7, already with the OUR SINS, I remember that I did events and it didn't seem right, although I didn't have that ring In Coleccão, take off the finger just to sell others.

I felt that I was not me, that it would not be honest, so I always continued with him and actually who intersected with me started to ask to buy the same.


I ignored, perhaps over a year until one day I took half a dozen with me for an event, but always thinking they wouldn't sell because they had nothing to do with our collection. It was unbelievable. I came back without any and with immense orders. The indicator fingers were never the same from there.

A hurricane started around the ringto the And I remember thinking that there couldn't be so many fingers for so many rings such was the search.

The name

It was the one who followed us that gave him the name ‘ringTribe'And without realizing it became one of our best best sellers.

Later joined if the ringTO THE em gold-plated That because it is to use and use only we do it with a 3.0 MIC bath, so its durability is incomparable.

Of course, as I am from Dourados I started using This one But it is certain that I have still kept my first. Because the former always have that special place and this is no different.

Thanks to you for buying, for using and above all for proud of our history and our traditions.

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