THE Our Sins It is a handmade, handmade, founded by Angela Lima In 2015. Under its inspiration, delicate, romantic pieces are created, designed to transform every moment of everyday life into a memorable experience.

Although born within a family where the business was made of jewelry, and growing up to see their parents panting the shop windows with shiny and bright pieces, the Angela He spent his childhood without being around and adolescence focused on being against.

I used to say and repeat times with no account, "I will never do this ...". Until the day you made the jewelery life. The girl became a woman, and the Angela gained courage to grow its own brand: the Our Sins.

A fruit born of an opportunity and mature with focus and dedication, this brand is a mirror of Angela: A calm woman, patient, of classic taste, with a romantic and poetic look. Your pieces reflect your good taste, and in each of them a small piece of your soul is present, because it is someone who, when creating, is whole.

The parts that manufacture are thought of to detail. With the same care and appreciation, each client is also seen. Always starting from the particular to the whole, it is a brand that has the proximity on the basis of its values. Seeking to create a universe of intimacy and trust, the Our Sins Creates pieces to be used day after day, always with a woman's body.

We have a mission. Gathering an ever -growing tribe of women who love and take care of each other to get together to leave a better world. A beautiful, feminine, romantic and authentic place.

Welcome to Our Sins.