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Il Dolce far Niente

In fact, to live well, you don't have to have much. It has to be seen below; contemplate a how much; appreciate a little; and feel a lot.

"Il Dolce far Niente"

It's the motto that says it all. It speaks of the simple, the pure and the beautiful. Salt the days and season life to taste.

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It says pleasure is something you choose, because yes. Because you look at the B side of life as if it were A.

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Because you want the full glass full. Because even if there is nothing else, there is just about everything you need to be happy.

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This choice is the best surprise that we should not get tired of surprising: a gift without wrapping, to be given to ourselves, hanging in a jewel set without taking.

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Anyone who uses it must be seen when looking deeply in the mirror.

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