Our Letter #5

Our Letter #5

Regarding the "our Letter"

A "our Letter" it is a Exclusive content for newsletter subscribers Our Sins. Here you can find recommendations and opinions of the brand founder "Angela Lima". We can find on the blog some examples, from late editions."our Letter"It is sent every week, always and when it does not coincide with any special date or promotion. We hope you enjoy;)

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Have you ever asked you what love is?
What will it be like to be appreciated by who is it?
Be seen, but be really seen from the inside, from the background.Be heard, but even heard in your desires and limits.
Someone who reads you between the lines. Someone who loves you on your beautiful and less beautiful sides. Someone who is there for you in the darkest times, and is without judging. Someone who will rejoice for you.
 Because you are enough, and everything is fine.
Maybe it's too much to ask ..
or maybe we embark on this search for the holy grail, we should look for thisUnconditional love within ourselves and ourselves. 

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