Our Letter #6 - Our Sins

Our Letter #6

Regarding the "our Letter"

A "our Letter" it is a Exclusive content for newsletter subscribers Our Sins. Here you can find recommendations and opinions of the brand founder "Angela Lima". We can find on the blog some examples, from late editions."our Letter"It is sent every week, always and when it does not coincide with any special date or promotion. We hope you enjoy;)

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To reflect (MOS)
We live in a world where we all want to be respected, but we assault those who think differently.
Where people want justice, but do not return the correct change in a purchase. Where they complain about everything instead of proposing solutions or doing something they believe in.
The better world than many we want starts inside. Either you do your part or not get in the way of those who do yours.
Because hatred has never won any battle.
Mad men
Dior Illuminator
Mama Shelter Paris

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