Sylista Fall Market 23 - Our Sins

Sylista Fall Market 23

After the success at Stylista FM23, Our Sins expresses gratitude. A heart full from the warm community, the devoted team, and the contagious energy that defines the essence of our brand. Together, we create more than jewelry - we weave eternal connections. ♥️
Our Sins - Stylista FM23 Video

After a nearly absolute rest day [because sometimes we really need to listen to our bodies 😅] and a few days after the whirlwind that hit us this weekend 🌪️🌪️, I couldn’t help but thank you for the many visits. I feel that the only muscle that didn’t stop and kept beating strongly despite the excessive heat was my [FULL] heart ♥️! I often say I’m about people, it’s for them that I move. They make my eyes shine. You make the difference. I’m incredibly lucky to have gathered the best! I don’t know how to be different and I don’t want to. I love our village already full of good people we have been building for years 😍😍.

Our Sins - Stylista FM23 - Table

Thanks to @stylista_mg for all the unbelievable work and for opening her ‘home’ doors to us. Also, thanks to her incredible team led by @marianacastelobrancog who never lets anything fail💥💥💥. And of course, only those who visited us know why, but I must make that very cheesy heartfelt thank you to my family who came to take care of everything, including me, and helped me welcome you in the best way. Dad, Mom, Cousin @dorarebelo_ic and Juliana thank you! It wouldn’t be the same without you! 👊🏻♥️

Last but certainly not least, always smiling neighbors @lemonhair_womanthing, @lemonhairlovers and And then all the brands that are not neighbors by the side but by years and friendship always seem an arm's length away like @wamy__ @cluoh @immathebrand @alexandraneto_ @styleitup @ohmonday__ @xicalarica_ @martaferro_ ... thank you ♥️.

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