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Our Sins x Maria Valente

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It's impossible to stay indifferent to the good taste of Maria Valente, better known as [dear] Maryzinha, and that's exactly what made me start following her Instagram account several years ago.

At the beginning, what seduced me the most were the combinations she suggested with pieces that she already had in the wardrobe with newer pieces and that inspired me in my day to day because I knew I didn't always have to be influenced to rush to buy everything new!

maria valente x oursins

Life went on and evolved, we ended up getting to know each other through mutual friends and I can't quite explain it but I immediately liked her. It was that immediate eye-to-eye empathy. I think the fact that she is always very genuine, and says what she has to say but always in a constructive way helped.

She never presents herself with a hair out of place but you can feel that this happens naturally and that she doesn't have to spend three days in front of the mirror to achieve the perfect look. She is passionate about travel and we who stay here drool over her content prepared well in advance but always stunning.

She is one of those people with a heart in the right place that we undoubtedly want to keep close 🙌🏻💫


Partnerships with Mary are always very simple, because Summer, sun and heat are Mary's middle name.

maria valente x oursins

We started in 2021, the year she challenged me to produce two pairs of beautiful earrings and this year I returned the favor and challenged her to a capsule collection, earrings and necklace.

maria valente x oursins

As always, and because she loves a good challenge and getting out of her comfort zone she immediately said yes. We talked, thought, developed and I think we arrived at a 'just' incredible result. More Summer, fresher and with a modern twist was impossible.

maria valente x oursins

I want to thank Mary very much for always saying yes to any journey I propose to her. For trusting in our work. For being with us for so many years. For supporting us every day. And of course thank you very much to you who are always attentive and never tire of applauding this good path. I will always be a fan of 'together we go further'

Thank you

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