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Our Sins X Mafalda Sena

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There is a life ...

I was trying to remember when I met Mafalda Sena, but the funny thing is that I don't remember knowing her personally so there was certainly a life.

James, Mafalda's cousin, went from my class in architecture a few years, and in the conversations we had I was developing a lot of curiosity for his family. I love large families and this family is big, or would say, huge.

I remember that at first when I started to say that I had a sister, another sister and a cousin, and another cousin and another cousin, basically was lost to think he was playing but the truth is that he was not and to In addition it is an incredibly united family. An inspiration!


Of course in the middle of the cousins ​​was Mafalda with whom I was a few times. It was also amazing that the whole family I met was naturally very friendly, outgoing and very fun. The years passed and I moved me to Porto, already followed Mafalda in ig @senasaudaveis page And I know that all the admiration I already had for the family, increased by Mafalda.

Fighter, genuine, resilient, very hardworking and with a focus always very present. I am not an influencer but I can recognize years and years of work Mafalda.

Our first "Colab"

I can recognize an unusual consistency, and I can see an inspiring woman in love with what she does because only then works. Even at the beginning of OUR SINS I remember that I offered you a Necklace with a clover And coincidentally it was one of the first photos of our iG. AND The first are always special.

We don't see each other every day we live closely but know that person who we are sure would be our friend very closely if we lived in the same city? This is Mafalda Sena.

And how lucky my to have known it because even if we have different jobs, but on the other hand we have the common architecture, it always contagious to see the good energy with which Mafalda starts every day, and in the end that matters, What version we choose to be when we wake up 🙌🏻💫

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