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Best Online Store Award at the "Best Of Portojóia"

Our Sins has been awarded the Best Online Store at Portojóia. The brand's founder, Angela Lima, received the award, marking an iconic moment of recognition and gratitude.
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We announce with hearts brimming with gratitude a milestone achievement for Our Sins: we are the proud recipients of the Best Of Award in the category of Best Online Store, an honour bestowed by Portojóia. 🏆✨

Angela Lima - Founder of Our Sins - with the award

Angela Lima, the soul and inspiration behind Our Sins, expresses her emotion: "I'm a bit awkward in the spotlight, but incredibly grateful for the recognition." Although one could dismiss this milestone as ‘just an award’, Angela, with a heart overflowing with pride, emphasizes that this is the first of many honours expected to adorn Our Sins' illustrious journey.

"Not every day brings victories, but every day indeed brings learning," Angela reflects. The unwavering dedication, artisan passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence have been the beacon guiding our journey, one that is lived and celebrated daily by the Our Sins team and our beloved tribe of customers.

Angela's genuine gratitude extends to everyone who has been an integral part of this enchanting journey. "Thank you above all to you for aiding us every day with your constructive criticisms. Thank you to my team, @creativequico and @catitaillustrations, who are always plugged in, literally day and night. And a huge thank you to @portojoia.exponor."

This victory is more than a milestone; it's the onset of a continuous celebration of innovation and creativity at Our Sins. Remember, we aren't just a store - we're a tribe bound by a love for exceptional jewelry. Each piece we craft and each member of our tribe add a new dimension to our unfolding story. The journey is just beginning. Every one of you is a vital part of our tribe, a thread weaving a vibrant future. Together, let's embark on this exciting journey, creating, innovating, and inspiring!

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