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Let's talk about restarts?

The most important thing is to start over in our time, our speed, without comparisons and the best and more balanced always happen when we hear the beating of our hearts because it always right.

We resumed and we could not have been better received. In fact my heart was already shouting for a The Spot Market, by our TRIBE, by meetings and reunions. For conversations and good smiles. For looks that say everything we need to move on stronger than ever.

We hear the best words and compliments for changes in Our Sins, That have filled our hearts and the new collection then, I don't even have words that come close to your words that are always the most important. Let no doubt that we only exist for you who are on this side. I feel that I am lucky to be around you.

If it's all smiles and glitter?! No! If it's all the color of pink? No! But that's all this and much more that makes me always feel incredibly grateful for having this TRIBE so ours.

Thank you!

Thanks to The Spot Market for receiving us as if we never had stopped going. For always keeping a special place in your home. By opening us the doors once again as it is only made to the nearest family.

And thanks to all the brands so dear that they are our companions of years and years. THE Marta Ferro that gave me that hug that warms any soul.

To Patrícia da R&M, our neighbor here in Porto, which in the normal rush of life we ​​do not see ourselves but that we find ourselves is as if we always see each other and gives me the best advice.

To Armando and the Philippe which were the best neighbors and excited of the event.

To Vanessa da Mio Jewels which also missed us and has been in this carousel for as many years as we always full of energy.

To João dos Necklaces and penduity that always comes with easy smile ready to share good mood.

To Filipa da Pie & Co. That never fails and with whom we always laugh… and I think I could continue to say names and brands because we have been a real family for many years.

Happiness is not a goal in which we come and check it out on our list, but I feel that mine is here on these sides because life is not to be done alone. With your company is so much better! Thanks! [and we see us again already]

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