Bem-vinda ao novo mundo Our Sins - Our Sins

Welcome to the New World Our Sins

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This trip was planned to have started a long time ago [and with a lot I mean a lot] but one of the most right things I was learning is that happiness is not a goal so here we go, calmly, without guilt, without hurry But with the best people, the ones I chose and the ones who have chosen me over the years.

The best experiences, the ones that worked, and the ones that taught us something, and no doubt the best laughter, in a group or in that simpler conversation than nothing overflows.

We added all the good that these years brought us, we subtracted what is no longer fit in our suitcase and followed ...

The candles and raise the anchor now. Prepare the soul, let's sack, open your eyes, free the spirit. It's today !!! ... drop 1 is on!

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