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Suggestions for Father's Day

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I am privileged because I have the best, and I am grateful for you being mine.

Even when life decided to put me to the test, you protected me, even when it was beyond your reach. You were the one who challenged me the most to overcome fears, even if you had them too.

You taught me to be independent and to fight for my dreams, you invested what you had and often what you didn't have to give me the best "fishing rod" so I could learn to "fish alone". You taught me to respect people regardless of their profession or where they came from, to have patience, to appreciate life calmly and to believe. You are always the glass half full.

You wake up with the best mood, and that is one of the best things I inherited from you. So, for that and much more, thank you for being my FATHER!

My Father's Day Gift Suggestions

Shirt from MR MOOD

Good basics from ISTO

Beauty care products from Rituals

T-shirt from Catita Illustrations

Foreo for Men

Ticket for Primavera Sound

Vhils Book - Underdogs Artists Collection Vol. III

Our Sins Bracelet

Our Sins Cufflinks

You can always opt for a simple lunch or spend time with your dad, he will certainly love it. After all, is there anything more precious than time?

I hope I've helped!

Kiss, Kiss


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