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Summer Layer Party

With so many new pieces I have been experimenting with different combinations every day.

I adore Necklaces Longer, I think they always favor us. I love pearls. I love hearts. I love beach and sea so this set could not be my face anymore.

O Scapular Versatile of the shells that we can move a shell back or forward to use it as Necklace or Scapular It is indispensable in summer. He entered our collection in 2020 inspiration of an amazing vacation in Trancoso.

Necklace pearl Because I don't live without, I think of any length, shape or even any time. This emerged after our success with a silver -mesh talisman heart. Very simple where the pearls in rice berries are protagonists.

I finish this layer party with the Necklace Lapidated Hearts Length. As soon as I saw this mesh I knew I had to do something special but simple at the same time because the brightness of the mesh itself already makes any look. This length makes us look higher and this brightness makes us summer all year!

I loved to finish this post with a ‘Now I only go to the beach to take a swim and display mine Necklaces New ’But here I am already working so that you do not lack that detail that makes all the difference in your summer looks.

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