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I'm not an influencer #3 - Travel to Marrakesh (2nd part)

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And we follow the trip through ‘Red City’ - Name by which it is also called because all buildings have the same earth.

And this is, it is The themes of the themes! The one we all want to know about before traveling [Simmmmm is what they are thinking]:

Hotels and restaurants!

Let's start with the hotels ...

Everyone told me that for the first visit to Marrakesh was mandatory stay housed in a riad in the Medina area and preferably near the vibrant Jemaa El-Fna Square.

As I always keep a lot of tips on IG, my choice was made, @Tarabelmarrakech We wouldn't be full and have to look for another alternative. The truth is I am very cautious in my planning, because I have to be careful with food and found it better to choose a hotel.

I respected the tips and got to @lesjardinsdelakoutoubia. Is located right next to the Mosque koutoubia and one step from the main square Jemaa El-FNA. Rooms are very comfortable, super friendly and helpful employees, the Breakfast is excellent, the entrance pool is sweeping And I think the quality/price ratio is great, of course it all depends on when it is marked [This we all already know, but I had direct comparisons with friends who were at the same time and who paid much less for planning in advance]

As We love meeting hotels, Live a little bit of an experience and of course, absorb this typical decoration that leaves us open mouth in every corner we go, super luxurious and with amazing details We marked lunch at several luxury hotels.

Hotel La Mamounia Marrakech - An entrance to a garden, followed by a Majestic and impressive Hall where it is forbidden to photograph. We go to the pool, but not without first traveling the endless and very beautiful gardens. Nice lunch, amazing employees who in conversation explained to me that the best time of year to go to Morocco is in spring and fall.

Mandarin Hotel Marrakech - After an entrance that makes us feel very small, we move to a beautiful hall to die. We went to the pool zone that is not really largely proportionally to the endless lakes we see. An indiscriminate peace. I kept an eye particularly on a flower -lined wall that was just a dream in any house.

Royal Mansour Hotel - We went to lunch before going to the airport and I don't know why but That's what I liked the most. The imposing entrance with bitter orange trees [which is considered a symbol of the city], a Open hall, full of light and zones created to sit and rest. Ceilings that there are no words to describe and when you go out to the street… Labirintic gardens where we really want to lose [And it's easy to lose]

To end up in Bommm… RES-TAU-RAN-TES !!!

First tip [As if they didn't know it now] Mark before!

Nomad Good, super friendly and helpful food In adapting my simplest plate. With automatic water sprayers we need well.

Coffee des Epices I couldn't go, but it is on the other side of the square, it's from the Nomad group and was also part of my list.

Le Jardin They had told me to have lunch but ended up making sense to go to dinner and did not disappoint at all, the contrary. I loved! A calm but very romantic environment. High candlesticks. Entry literally through the 'small door' [Who has gone will understand who has not been to go] but All large, from service, food to space.

I couldn't resist and we came back during the day, But because there was one reason my 'informator' had told me that there was a Lajinha of dresses of a unmissable Marrakesh designer. I learned that there is just the outlet, but they gave me the store card in the center [that apparently I lost, but if I find to share]

Bô-Zin I'm making me repetitive but it's the truth! Employees always all so friendly. If we want to leave the dust behind and put on that more 'pipi' dress is the right place. This restaurant is very lively. Large and a little farther from the center. Food is very good and entitled to a lot of animation. Drums and DJ make the ideal environment.

And as they say ... The best is for the end!

ComicR No doubt my favorite!

If the last dinner had already been excited this was very excited. A real party throughout the dinner. With two floors, but it seemed indifferent where to stay. IT IS Music, belly dance and good mood through the whole restaurant throughout the meal, which by the way was great.

The top floor becomes a nightclub at the end of dinner. Dances on the tables, choreographies and a lot of animation. It is undoubtedly in my top.

Let's talk about ... shopping!

I already know that another theme that always generates a lot of curiosity is shopping, but I save you the wallets because it was not my purpose.

I think I just bought the dress [Ahhh and a suitcase] that they must have already seen in our stories [And I already know I promise to see the name of the store] ... and that was simply amazing with ourearrings lindons - that rock in any look :)

What I took in the suitcase more than it came to the calendar days. Fluid clothes, long, very linen dresses that already know it's my favorite materials and so the shirt was not missing @imma.

About swimsuits And to 'wear the nightgown' I took my favorite bikini from @latitid that could no longer respect the color pallet of Marrakesh [but with shine].


Finally, and because the trip is already long, I was very asked about security. I was not alone, but I found everything very quiet.

Obvious tips like Respect the customs, try not to go with your legs too much on display, nor the shoulders are important. But I confess that I always try, out of respect for cultures, but I didn't find it essential.

I felt No one is properly to assault usr because I always walked with our rings from the tribe very golden brown and that set of crankshaft that you already know. What is noted is that whenever they get will ask for money, but in exchange for favors, How to take us at the door of some place we have not found, and that already seems fair to me, right?

It was very much to see and I'm sure that coming back will be part of my list, because I did not go to Sahara Desert And they say it is an opportunity that cannot be missed. At least to check on the list.

I hope you enjoyed this trip and if they go to these places or others, share because the secret is always to share what is good!


Kiss Kiss

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