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Summer Market Stylista 2023

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The Beginning!

I can't believe I missed the 10th anniversary of the Summer Market Stylista. What you don't know about this event is how special it is to me, because it's where we started.

This was our first serious event many years ago, that is, we were in 2014 [I can't believe it].


I remember being invited to an exhibition here in Porto and being next to Pinky [who doesn't know Rosa com Canela with colorful agendas and a great vibe?!].

I didn't know her at the time but she had been doing this for years. It was incredible, she helped me in every way and even told me that I had the most beautiful pieces and... why didn't I go to the SUMMER MARKET STYLISTA?! Which at the time only happened once a year and I confess it was all so new I didn't even know about it.

I'm not sure of the month we were in, but I'm very sure that there was little time left for this big event. Maybe a week or two. Pinky wrote to ask if there was room and they quickly responded that there wasn't, but if I wanted I could have a table outside without a stall. Of course, in the verb go, I immediately said yes and there I went without really knowing what I was in for.


I remember that next to me was an incredible clothing brand that no longer exists but the memory of companion people, lively people and a very cool atmosphere, even SUMMER MARKET.

Good vibes, good music, an amazing curation was one of the coolest experiences I had at the beginning of OUR SINS.

The Tribe


Returning to this weekend I of course want to thank the wave of affection that gathered around booth 39, ours 😜 thank you for so many messages, thanks for asking about me, for the photos you sent me, for the kisses you sent me. I confess that I had a whole zoo in my stomach but as the hours passed it calmed down because once again you were unbelievable.

Thank you to this TRIBE with a heart in the right place that when it gets together, there's no one else!

Next Stop: Casa da Cultura da Comporta (from June 8th)

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