Summer Market Stylista 2023 - Our Sins

Summer Market Stylista 2023

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The Beginning!

I still can't believe I lost the 10th anniversary of Summer Market Sylist. What you don't know about this event is how special it is to me, because this is where we started.

It was here our first event to the serious already there many years that is like who says we were in 2014 [I can't believe].

First Stylist Joias Our Sins

I remember being invited to an exhibition here in Porto and was next to Pinky [who doesn't know the Pink with cinnamon With colorful schedules and a large vibe?! ].

I didn't know her at the time but she was years old. It was amazing, helped me everything and even told me that I had the most beautiful pieces and… because I wasn't going to Summer Market Sylist? Which at the time happened only once a year and I confess that it was all so recent that I didn't even know.

I am not sure of the month when we were but I am very sure that little was missing for this great event. Maybe one or two weeks. Pinky wrote to ask if there was space and quickly answered not but if he wanted to have a table out without stall. I of course in the verb go, I said soon that yes and there I did not know well what I was going.


I remember that by my side was an amazing mark of clothes that no longer exists but is the memory of companions, excited people and a very cool environment, even Summer Market.

Good wave, good music, an amazing curatorship was the same of the experiences but cute I had at the beginning of OUR SINS.

The tribe

Our tribe our sins

Returning to this weekend I want to thank where with affection that joined around the stall 39, our 😜 Thank you to so many msg, thank you for asking me, for the photos you sent me, for the kisses you sent me. I confess that I was with all the Zoo in the stomach But with the time to spend it was calming because once again you were unbelievable.

Thanks to this heart tribe in the right place that when you get together you have no one else!

Next Stop: Comit Culture House (from June 8)

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