How to know your size of ring?

If you have any ring sniffy on the finger you want to use O ring new and if Measure your inner diameter (mm), can then Compare the value with the table below

Inner diameter

Ensure that it only measures the interior of the ring without its limits, as well as, check that it is measuring exactly in the middle of the ring.

Finally, you can measure your finger, and we warn that it is the most used but less accurate way.

 1 - Use a strip of paper or the tape measure itself
 2 - Roll around the finger
 3 - With a pen mark the limit
 4 - Measure the strip with a ruler (mm)
 5 - You can then compare the value with the table below
 6 - When in doubt between two sizes, choose the smallest.

    Use this table as a reference, but keep in mind that the size may vary slightly. If you can't find your size, don't worry because we make any size to order.

    If you still have any questions you already know that you can always contact us through email to info@oursins.with