Our Sins jewellery is resistant but delicate. Therefore, it is important to take some precautions that will not only protect the pieces from possible damage but also preserve their color and shine for much longer.

  • Avoid contact with cosmetics or cleaning products;
  • Handle the pieces with care, avoiding friction with other surfaces;
  • Clean your pieces periodically with a soft cloth, soap, and water;
  • Remove the pieces before any sports activity;
  • Pack the pieces carefully, separating necklaces and bracelets to prevent them from becoming tangled;
  • When you're not wearing your pieces, keep them closed and as isolated from oxygen as possible.

Silver is originally silver and gold is just a plating, so it doesn't last forever.

Even with all the care in the world, it is natural that your jewellery will need maintenance in the future. In the case of rings, durability is considerably lower due to greater contact with water and each person's pH.

At that time, you can leave it in our hands!

Our Sins provides after-sales services, from repairs to color plating, to restore all the shine to your jewellery. Request a quote by email at info@oursins.com and discover our solutions.

Care for jewelry

Step per step

Avoid contact with cosmetics or cleaning products.

Use the parts carefully, avoiding friction with other parts and surfaces.

Clean your parts periodically
With a soft cloth, soap and water. Dry well with a dryer.

SHPE THE PARTS CAREFULLY, AWARDING THE Necklaces It is Bracelets so as not to be embarrassed.

Remove the pieces before any sports practice.

When you are not using your parts Keep them closed on plastic bags, the most isolated from the possible oxygen.


You can leave it in our hands!

A Our Sins provides after sales services, from repairing the color bath, to return all the brightness to your jewelry.

Now ask for a budget and know our solutions.