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I'm not an influencer #4 - Hair

Today the theme was another and time - which never comes to everything - he changed the laps, but as I think the secret of walking forward is to accept and adapt quickly we follow a tip [of the very good !!! ] Because I also know they like it.

Let Your Hair from The Talk!

When I ask about topics they wanted me to talk about always comes the theme 'hair'. The truth is that I think genetics helped but, perhaps because my mother has always encouraged me to 'when cuts have to notice because it grows stronger' that I respected and I don't even remember asking to cut only one cm [from little ones ].

Cut & Color

I cut once a year, and enough!

Because they already know that I always cut a lot. On this day I usually take the opportunity to reinforce the hair lights because it doesn't really bother me that it is not perfect during growth.

I think more than the place where we do something, people are always who make a difference because have to know and know above all the behavior of our hair, so I only cut with the Vasco Freitas or with Elisabete. I just paint with Clarisse and everything in the only hairdresser I went to here in Porto and where it could not always be better treated, the Vasco Freitas Salon.

 in the imageearrings and shoulder strap mobile phone

Daily care

Care, could only be fast and simple, so believe or not use there is a life shampoo Panthene [SIMMM !!! The true Pantene hair].

The classic, that blue That sounds boring but that's my election forever! ‘Ahhh but the hair needs to change from time to time’ - O mine doesn't have to. Never change. I never changed! Draw!

I do not use conditioner, always use and only the repairing mask the edges. I let the minutes to finish the shower and it's ready!

 Super tip

Now The tip of the tips… As I walked with dry hair, something that was unaware of my hair asked my hairdresser tips that I was testing and Pow !!!

In the bath next to mask, two pumps of this repairing oil And it was enough two or three times to get my hair again ever! Try and tell me everything. If it was only in mine or, if in you also made all the difference.



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